Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snow Activities

Wow! January is moving along faster than I thought it would. In Georgia, it is so rare for us to get snow, that I have to center some of my activities around a snow theme. At least, that way my kiddos will get a little bit of a "feel" for snow in one form of another. Our story of the week in our textbook happens to be: Snow Surprise by Lisa Campbell Ernst with a focus on words with the -oa -ow vowel digraphs. Therefore, for 1 word work spelling activity, I created an activity where the students write and sort these type of words. Then, I'll have them use the words in their writing. If you would like to use this activity before the winter ends, here is the URL for my activity: 
It is free and I would love for you to use it and/or share it! 
Our hundredth day will be this Wednesday. I enjoy taking the whole day and incorporating activities based off of 100. I will take some pictures and post them on my blog, so please be sure and check back soon.
Tomorrow is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. It is a school holiday for us. Therefore, I try my best to take the week before to teach the students how important it is for us to live a life where we need to try to live in peace and harmony with one another by not judging each other by the way we look but by our character. Instilling good character in my kiddos is just as important to me as teaching them to read and write. Fortunately, I can do this and STILL incorporate the standards that are required. That's the way I like to teach and that's what makes my job rewarding! I am blessed for sure!!