Saturday, March 2, 2013

Game Night with Friends

Fish Bowl Game

My husband and I have been feeling that we have been in a complete rut lately with not venturing out and spending more fun time with some of our friends. Now mind you, both of our kids just got married (within 5 weeks of each other) in the fall, and that pretty much consumed any extra time we had.....which by the way was one of the best ways that we have EVER consumed our extra time!! I move along.....we went to a friend's house last night and ate dinner and then after dinner, we played this REALLY fun game called, Fish Bowl. It's a mix of Taboo, Password, and Charades. Oh my goodness!! Being the teacher that I am, I loved playing this game! So, I wanted to share it today with you. Just click the title, and you will see the game complete with instructions. I also wanted to show you my husband playing the Taboo portion of the game. So you can view the YouTube clip below that says Fish Bowl Game With Friends. Hope this inspires YOU to have a game night with friends. By the way.....the women whipped the men's behinds!! We played 3 rounds and beat them every time!! :)


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