Monday, August 12, 2013

First Day with my Kindergarten Kiddos!

I made this sign for the first day of school.Since it was my first day in teaching kindergarten, I thought it would be appropriate to get my picture taken as well!!

Well I am sitting here blogging, reflecting back on my day today! Whew! I'm tired, but it was really a great day! Kindergarten for the most part is all about teaching procedures, procedures, procedures for the first few days!! I have 19 students so far with 1 more coming in tomorrow. That makes 20. Since I have a paraprofessional, that is not too bad at all. I think it is going to be a year of learning on both sides!!....ME and the students. Please stay tuned for updates!!

For the sign: I was able to get the wooden frame and letters from Michael's. Since we are the tiger cubs, I found some paws and a little tiger cub to add to it. I spray painted the frame purple. The top letters were spray painted in a teal blue. Home Depot was the best place to find spray paint. This store had a lot of colors to choose from! The bottom letters were already white with glitter. So I just left them like they were. I hot glued everything on the frame. When I took pictures of my students, I hung a sheet of orange butcher paper on my white board and the students stood in front of it. The pictures turned out so cute!! I'm going to print the pictures and mail a note to the parents in a couple of days to let them know how happy I am that their child is in my class. I'll also send them an email with the picture in case they want more copies of the prints. 


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