Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Game for a Party

My Precious Daughter-In-Law with her "As Seen On TV" treasure!

On Christmas Eve my extended family played a fun version of the traditional Dirty Santa game. When we talked about it during Thanksgiving, my brother suggested that for this year we should all buy an "As Seen On TV" item. We all thought that would be a great idea! Our rules for buying the gift was to spend between $10-$20 and it had to have  the "As Seen On TV" logo on the packaging. The products are so easy to find. I even found a section at our local grocery store. My husband and I decided,since we needed to go to the mall, we would get our gifts at the "As Seen On TV" store. We had a blast choosing our gift! That was half the fun for us! 
On Christmas Eve we placed our wrapped products on a table and everyone who participated drew a number. We played the traditional way where you can steal a gift but it would be frozen after 2 steals. Then, the first person would have an opportunity to steal after the last person picked his/her gift. One twist to this was that after the person unwrapped his/her gift, he/she had to talk like a person on an infomercial to describe the product. We had a blast playing and most everyone was happy with their gift. As you can see from the picture above, my daughter-in-law loved her gift! She actually "stole" it from my nephew (who by the way really didn't want it) ! So, if you ever try this at a party, think of a theme like this one and I'm sure it will be fun for everyone!!


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