Saturday, June 7, 2014

Agency D3 Vacation Bible School 2014

For a few years now I have been leading our 2nd graders during our VBS week. I have a few wonderful friends who help and some teen kids help us, too!! Well, I consider this time as ministry in my church and I love to try to make it all as inviting as possible. I'm thankful for my terrific husband, Dan who helps me with the decorations. The picture above is what he came up with to decorate our hall. So keep looking so you can see pictures of how the door was completed. 

First of all, let me say that my living room always becomes a work room a couple of months before VBS. Which is ok....I'm just so thankful that my husband can help like this so I don't mind. As you can see he takes flat large moving box from Lowes and cuts it the dimensions that fit the outline of our doors in our children's area at church. The black paper is just there for protection. He says that the boxes are under $2. He uses a utility knife to cut it.
Next step: It is AMAZING what you can do with pool noodles($1each at Dollar Tree). He used a total of 8 pool noodles to create the vault look on the door. Here's how: He cut 2 pool noodles long ways into four pieces and hot glued them to the inside part of the cardboard. Next, he cut a slit all the way down the pool noodles and slid them onto the outside edge of the cardboard. No gluing was needed here. For the corners of the vault doors, he bent the pool noodle and cut a notch out of the back. Then he used 3 strips of Gorilla tape (best tape ever!!) to hold the corner shape. Finally, he hot glued soft drink plastic bottle caps to look like bolts on a vault.
For this nifty vault handle, Dan took 2 paper plates(Chinet round type- not Styrofoam-those will not spray paint well!!) and cut six pieces from a pool noodle that was cut in half. They were about 10 inches long. He glued them onto the paper plate and then glued another plate on top. Next, he spray painted it all silver.
Once Dan completed the vault door, he spray painted the entire thing with silver. It took about a can and 1/2 to spray paint. He used Rustoleum Aluminum Color Spray paint. Now it is ready to take to the church and put up on a door!! I was so excited!! Don't I have an awesome husband to do all this for me!!

Now, here is a finished look except without the vault handle. Dan and I covered the door with gray butcher paper. We have lots of this right now at church, because of the VBS theme. I hope to blog soon about how I cover a door with paper. It is not that easy, and I want it to last all week, so I really do this carefully!! Then, once Dan got the outside vault part in the was light weight, just a little cumbersome......he put Mavalous tape (I've noticed that this is called Dorm Tape at Hobby Lobby. It is expensive, but if you can't hot glue stuff on walls and you don't want to mess up your walls OR if you don't want to keep rehanging your stuff because it doesn't stay up, this is the tape you need!! I have used this for at least 4 years for VBS and for school. It really does what it says!!) all on the back side and just stuck it right on there. Now, he did this last night and when we came back this morning to finish up, it was all still up and intact.  YAY!! This morning, he taped the vault handles on. By the way, he made 3 doors like this. So we have our vault Bible study room ready!!

I absolutely love these silhouettes. My husband....have I told you how wonderful he is??......saw these in Oriental Trading. Now mind you, I order from Oriental Trading all the time since I'm a school teacher, but these were really expensive and it only came with 2. I knew we needed more than that to make the hall look really cool!! Being the artist that he is, he was able to free hand these on butcher paper and put his own extras on them to create them. To make them sturdier, he actually bought some black poster board and used the butcher paper silhouette as a tracer and pieced them together.
Above this side of the hall, he has kind of a mission impossible type fuse with the words Discover, Decide, and Defend. I love the way it turned out.
Click HERE to get the PDF file of the Evidence Posters for the briefcases

On each brief case, I posted a poster that describes the evidence and Biblical Truth learned for each day. Click on the silhouette above and get a FREE PDF file of these posters. They are 8 1/2 by 11.
For this secret agent, we just have some clip art posted of the words Discover, Decide, Defend. I love these halls, and I think the 2nd grade kiddos are going to get so excited about Vacation Bible School when they arrive tomorrow at church!! I'm getting super excited as well.
Here is the look on the blue hall side (this was before we put the posters on the brief cases and hands)......I just want to hum the Mission Impossible theme when I look at all of this!
To me, this year is more difficult to find ideas to decorate. Therefore, I wanted to get this post up before it was too late. I hope it helped you with your ideas!! Please let me know how your VBS went!! God bless you!!


  1. Awesome! I will attempt to make this vault door and maybe someone else can attempt the silhouettes! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh thank you!! Please, if you have the time, let me know how it all went!! Linda G.

  3. Sure will! Just need a little more info. ..where did you get the butcher paper and what kind was it exactly?*lol* Oh, and do you have any tips for wrapping the door?

    1. Hi, Juliet- I commented on where the paper was bought or ordered. Also, I posted today on how to best cover a door with butcher paper. Hope it is helpful for you!!

  4. The paper was supplied for us at church, so I wasn't sure but I asked the lady who ordered it and it came from this website: It is item number: 247813- 36in x 1000ft at $65.57 a roll. She said it was hard to find gray paper. So sorry about that. I didn't realize that!! I'll post a blog in the morning about taping the paper on the door. I checked and this paper is still in stock. I noticed through Google that Staples carries that color as well, but in smaller rolls. Hope you can get it to work. Linda G.

  5. Success! I created the armored frame and vault handle easily thanks to your directions. Your husband is awesome for making it simple yet terrific. Our door is a slate blue color, so we feel we can without covering it. I also enlisted the talents of a church youth to create the agent silhouettes. She used her little brother to outline the poses. I thought that was ingenious! Thanks again for sharing your ideas. God bless!

  6. Do you still have the silhouette? I'd love to buy them from you. :)