Saturday, August 23, 2014

Christmas Word on the Head Game

 Dan and I LOVE to play games. We get called upon a few times a year to make up a game to play for different choir and children's events. We enjoy looking for games on Pinterest and Google. Then we kind of think of a way to make it our own. One thing that usually makes our games a hit is by making something goofy for the participants to wear while they play the game. Dan LOVES to create things all the time! I have to say, he is really quite good at it. A couple of weeks ago, we were asked nicely to create a game for a choir event we had this past Wednesday night. After a little thinking on things we came up with a game we called: Christmas Heads Up. I know.....we really should have thought up a better name, but it was the best we could do. Here is what you need for the game:
1. Think or buy some kind of Christmas item that can be put on someone's head. Now Dan made the Christmas tree you see above. It is just made out of styrofoam, that he cut out using an Exacto knife, acrylic paint, and we stuck 2 Christmas ornaments on it to look like earrings. I personally think it is hilarious.
2. Then, think of different Christmas words and print them on index cards.  If you click the pic below you can download and print the words we used. I also created some blank pages so you can print those and write other words you may want to use. I would print it on Christmas colored cardstock paper. But as you can see, we just used white paper.

3. You need a participant, someone to keep time, a person to keep up with how many words were guessed correctly, and someone who can tape the words on the person's hat. Oh need a group to give hints for the words.
Here is how you play the game:
1. Choose someone to be the participant. Put the Christmas themed hat on his/her head and tape one of the words to the hat without that person seeing the word.
2.. The audience or team gives a 1 word hint about the word and the person has to guess the word.(For instance: the word might be presents. A person could give a hint of "gifts".  He/she can try to guess the word and if he/she gets it right, you quickly tape another word on the hat. You can give them 1 minute to guess as many words as possible. We already had tape on each word and as a word was guessed, we would be right beside him/her and we quickly taped the next word on the hat after a word was guessed correctly.
5. The person with the most words guessed correctly wins.
6. Now, our rule was you could not use hand motions to help. They could only use 1 word hints. But you can do whatever you want to. Below is a picture of our participants and the hats we used.

Do you have any fun clean games that are fun for a party? I would love to hear from you! I'm always looking for great games to play.
Merry Christmas!! ( will be here before you know it! )
Linda G. 


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