Thursday, October 16, 2014

Anyone for Apple Dapple Cake?

In Georgia, there is an area around the Blue Ridge mountains that have the most wonderful apple orchards. Our favorite one in those parts (as my momma would say) is called Mercier's Orchards. We had the opportunity to go the first Saturday of October and as usual we had a great time!!

These pics don't give this place justice....I really need to buy me a nice camera if I'm going to keep up with my blogging....anyway, if you click the first pic, it will take you to Mercier's Orchards website.
Once you're there, you take a tractor tour to get to the orchard area. Before you go on the tour you buy a bag to put your apples in after you pick them. Now one of the funnest parts is that you can taste apples all along the orchard as you decide which ones you want to pick!! For a teacher like me and apples lovers like my husband and granddaughter, that is such pure fun!! Even though we ate plenty of apples that afternoon, we also picked a lot to take home. Well, I could go on and on about the wonderful walk we had along the orchards, the yummy fried apple pies they have, and that we never can leave from there without getting an apple cider slushy.....yes in's just too dang hot for hot cider that weekend!!, but that is really not the main idea of this post. This post is all about a cake I love to bake this time of year.
 How many of you have one of your favorite recipes written on a scratch piece of paper or on a post it note like this one? Yep! Me you can see!!
That recipe is one I always use when we get back from apple picking! It's called, Apple Dapple Cake!
I just love the title of it! Don't you?
My near and dear friend, Libby, gave me the recipe a while back after I had some of her cake. I'm not sure where she got it. But she wrote it out for me on that paper and I've had it ever since!!
Here is the end product:
Click the pic for the recipe!
Here are a few pics of the process. The most difficult part is just the dicing of the apples. But what is cool about the cake, is that you can use any kind of apple you have on hand. 

 I have an apple corer that usually works really well! It really beats peeling and coring apples with a knife! I promise it is not that difficult to use!!

After I peel and core my apples I just dice them up on a cutting board. 
 As you begin to mix it, it gets really thick, so I just have to switch to a heavy duty spatula and mix by hand!!
 I just spoon the batter in my bundt pan. I've had this stone pan for years!! It bakes perfect pound cakes and apple dapple cakes every time!!
 This is the glaze in progress. When I reread the recipe, I realized I used too much butter, but it was still tasty!
The cake is out of the oven! It smelled so good! I took a knife and went around the inside and outside edges and then turned it onto a cake plate. 
Next, my "apple of my eye" hubby poked holes in the cake. We use a fondue fork. You can use whatever you think can make small holes all the way through your cake. 
 Here, we are pouring on the glaze. This is when I wondered if I had used too much butter. It actually started running over onto the table. Yikes!!

The recipe says to cool for 2 hours.....Are you kidding me?!?! There is no way that we could do that!! We went ahead and cut a slice for each of us!!

A nice cup of coffee really compliments this!! Oh yea! I went ahead and poured a little glaze on the slice that I cut. Yummy!!
Happy fall, ya'll!! 
Linda G. :)


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